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Ipseity - Henley Festival
July 11-15th, 2007

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Henley Festival 2007

Contemporary Argentine Art: Ipseity

The Henley Festival of Music and the Arts is a spectacular, surprising, and magical contemporary event full of Henley’s trademark glamour and quirky humour brought to life by Artistic Director Stewart Collins.

The Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2007, sitting on a three-and-a-half acre site, with four performance venues, art galleries, sculpture lawns, jazz, classical, opera, theatre, poetry and dance.

Says Stewart, “It’s always my intention to give audiences not just a string of great performances (which we do, I should add!) but a whole mix designed to create something more than the sum of its parts.” It is a truly unique cultural experience.

The exhibition takes place within the framework of New World Art curated by Sole Nasi. The exhibition Ipseity will create a space for reflection on identity and the self. The participating artists explore their own identity in their work, as well as Argentine identity commonly found in a state of crisis.

It is intended to create awareness of Contemporary Argentine Art, with the support of the Anglo-Argentine Society and within the venue provided by the Henley Festival of Music and the Arts.

The show will display a wide range of artwork in various media: painting, photography, mixed and new media, installations an sculptural work, from Argentine artists working in Argentina, US and UK.

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Henley Festival lawn

Henley Festival gallery

Henley Festival performance

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