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Henley Exhibiton photo
11 - 15th July 2007



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Henley Festival 2007

The Henley Festival of Music and the Arts is a spectacular, surprising, and magical contemporary event full of Henley’s trademark glamour and quirky humour brought to life by Artistic Director Stewart Collins.

The exhibition of Contemporary Argentine Art: Ipseity will create a space for reflection on identity and sense of self through the artists' work, who have encountered and overcome the trauma of displacement as individuals and as artists.

The exhibition takes place within the framework of New World Art, to create awareness of Contemporary Argentine Art, with the support of the Anglo-Argentine Society and within the venue provided by the Henley Festival of Music and the Arts.


Immersions by Sole Nasi
"Immersions is a personal search for the boundary between real and represented space, questioning the impermanence of the body, in contrast to any means of [almost] permanent representation.
In this series of work, the absence of the actual body aims to evoke mortality in the presence of the digitally manipulated portrait. The image contributes to the work by creating an illusion when it is projected on to an impermanent surface, such as water or fi ne powder. The absent body becomes present through an impermanent image, as it changes depending on the position of the bystander. It is the bystander who makes the work real and permanent through his own will, location and presence.
The quietness and silence of a submerged body evokes de idea of mortality against the existing image resting on fine powder."

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Installation: projection over "00"flour

The video art was created in collaboration with Sergio Cesari. Special thanks to Pablo Noé (postproduction) and Mariela Malte (photo retouching) who contributed to the making of it.